The Mountaineers-Pakistan is the brainchild of Shan Elahi and Mudasser yasin who both are engineer turned social entrepreneurs. It was founded in October, 2016 with the aim to bring back the lost glory of Pakistan by promoting peace through sustainable tourism activities in Pakistan. All of the other team members share the same dream and motivation. Our guides are highly qualified and have vast travelling experience in Pakistan.

Managing Director’s Message

Pakistan is blessed with one of the diverse and remarkable landscape among whole world. From the sky high Karakorum to evergreen Himalayas and Hindukush, we have everything what a mountaineer or traveler can ask for. From deep sea ports to southern deserts, we are blessed with travelers’ paradise. Due to the long history of war against terrorism, the country image in the international media became deteriorate. So it is a high time to promote the soft image of Pakistan to the world and let world see our diverse cultural heritage and remarkable landscape. The Mountaineers-Pakistan was formed with an aim to bring peace in this land trough sustainable tourism and mountaineering activities. I believe tourism is one of the most effective weapons to bring peace in the world. Due to the immense efforts of all stake-holders in the country, finally tourism is flourishing in this land and people are astounded to see the landscape and hospitality of Pakistan and its people. The Mountaineers-Pakistan also aims to educate our youth on SDGs and tourism so that they could be integrated in emerging tourism industry of Pakistan. Youth holds the power to change the dynamics of this country as well as mother earth. The Mountaineers-Pakistan is the first drop of rain in Pakistan’s fight against environmental and educational problems, insha Allah.



We have successfully organized 50+ events across Pakistan.


2000+ participants have used TMP services to explore beautiful sites of Pakistan

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