The Kumrat Traverse

The Kumrat Traverse

Alhamdulillah we dreamed and we achieved. I don’t know why but this trek and area is widely neglected by the trekking community of Pakistan. Kumrat and BashkerGol Valleys have huge potential of mountaineering, climbing, trekking and sightseeing.

Both of the valleys have multiple mountain passes ranging from easy to semi technical connecting them with Chitral and Swat regions.It was the mega trip of the Summer and a very unique one too, since it was very first time that the trek was organized on a commercial scale. The team was really good, brave and courageous otherwise it wouldn’t have been achieved. For that a huge congratulations to all the team on their great achievement.

The trek wasn’t easy to be arranged, for that reason when we launched it, some people mocked us and some said you can’t do this due to difficulty in moving logistics. Anyhow with Allah’s Help and our strong determination to do this, we completed the trek. We started from Kumrart mainland and traversed through beautiful villages of Kumrat: Kundal Shahi Banda, Charrot Banda, Izgalo Banda, Gorshae Banda and then last settlement of Kumrat Shehzore Banda. All of these bandas are breathtakingly beautiful. Kumrat’s part is retty much easy, straight and lush. After traversing through Kumrat, we crossed Thallo Pass (4200 Meters) and Zaghi Chatt (4500 Meters) and entered in BashkerGol Valley of Chitral. BashkerGol is all rocky with landscape that is very much different to Kumrat. Team crossed streams at multiple points in BashkerGol. We trekked 3.5 days in BashkerGol Valley.

BashkerGol has some of the tallest mountain peaks of chitral and Hinduraj Mountains and then comes the queen of BashkerGol that is BashkerGol Chatt Lake. We finished the trek in Sorlaspur town Chitral after trekking 5.5 days and 95 kilometers through all kinds of terrains from grassy to rocky to sandy and exploring some of the gigantic lakes of Northern Pakistan: BashkerGol Chatt and Zaghi Chatt Lakes.

At the end, a huge shout out to our guide and porters, without them it wasn’t possible. A huge shout out to pattern @The Mountaineers-Pakistan Sir anwarzaib, Ceo The Mountaineers-Pakistan Shan Elahi and Team The Mountaineers-Pakistan, without them it wasn’t possible to even think of doing this trek. We’ll continue exploring the unexplored in future too in sha Allah. Stay tuned!

Mudasser Yasin