Ghat Valley Swat

Ghat Valley Swat

Alhamdulillah The Mountaineers Pakistan arranged another successful trip to an unexplored gem. The Mountaineers Pakistan is the first company outside of Swat that arranged a commercial trip to this area. We here at The Mountaineers Pakistan have an aim to explore hidden gems of Pakistan and thus support the local people through tourism activities.

28 brave people went with us and completed the trek which starts from Malam Jabba and ends at Bishband Swat. Team spent night at beautiful Ghat Valley in a wooden shelter. It was not an easy trek since the snow was converted into ice at some points and that made the trek quite slippery and uncomfortable. But our guide Kalim bhai, Sir Anwarzeb Bacha and our team member Farhan Munaf helped a lot.

From pulling the rope to motivate the people, they made it possible for the team to successfully complete the trek. We believe everyone loved sliding those beautiful slides at top: D Then seeing those beautiful sunsets, walking deep inside that Ghat forest and those starry nights were surely an experience of lifetime.

I want to add that the whole team was wonderful, cooperative and brave. Big shout out to Sadoon and all the girls who completed the trek without any discomfort. I want to specially thank Asifa for cooking that wonderful mutton karahi, It was the yummiest karahi (obviously the first one: P) and then the night at Ghat Valley! What a crazy night that was: P You people made the event colorful.

Apart from this we skied the slopes of Malam Jabba too and that was an amazing experience too, since most of the team skied for the first time. We believe you people had a great time. Stay blessed, we hope to see you soon with us on another adventure better and bigger than this one i.A 🙂

Special thanks to Jamal Ahmed for capturing these moments!


Mudasser Yasin